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Calculate the potential savings of a Digital Network Construction approach

Render partners with broadband network operators, design & construction teams to successfully deploy large-scale broadband networks faster than traditional construction approaches.

Whether your project is in design, build or upgrade stage, evaluate the value benefits of a Digital Network Construction platform.

Evaluate the potential savings for your network deployment

To measure your expected benefits, simply enter your network project data and budget allocations. The calculator will share the expected value benefits to support a business case for digital network deployment.

Tell us about your network project:

What type of business are you?
Size of network
Number of premises
Cost per premise
Footage or metres covered by network
Cost of foot/metre

Project Budget Enter the % for your project in grey boxes below, we have provided industry standards that can be used as a guide

Network Design
Overall cost of designing the network Recommend: 8-10%
Project Management
Includes: prime project management,field supervision and as-built administration Recommend: 15%
Contractor & Material Costs
Includes: contractor project management, labor & material costs, as-built administration and variations Recommend: 60-70%
Contingency, Margin & Allowances
Recommend: 10%
All %’s need to total 100%, please update values.

Digital Network Construction Financial Impact

Network Design Savings
Reduced design effort as a result of digitzation,utilizing Render's unique blueprinting process
Project Management Savings
  • Project management/administration
  • field supervision including QA
  • as-built data management
Contractor & Material Costs Savings
Includes: Includes:
  • Material waste savings
  • Reduction in variations
  • Recognized contractor productivity improvement & adminstration savings
Total Value Benefits
  • Network Design Savings
  • Project Management Savings
  • Contractor & Material Costs Savings
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We realize that every business case is unique. Schedule a complimentary Fiber Network ROI Assessment to drill into these savings, review existing workflows across your project lifecycle and understand how technology can unlock efficiencies across your timeline, resource and construction costs.